Edward Snowden cautions of overall security by autonomous, solar-powered drones

Edward Snowden cautions of overall security by autonomous, solar-powered drones

In a released short article on Tuesday the whistleblower Edward Snowden warns of the increasing surveillance by autonomous drones. Not just people, entire societies are threatened by the development of unmanned, solar-powered surveillance airplane.

Whistleblowing is not simply Leaking – there is resistance,” the subtitle of Edward Snowden is the current contribution to the introduction platform the obstruct. In the letter the whistleblower, the United States is pursuing the objective of developing drones that can remain in the air completely, to form a continuous tracking structure.

If such monitoring is implemented only in a few cities, intelligence can use this alternative to “tape the movements not only of individuals however of whole populations,” the whistleblower who the year 2013 with its leakages to NSA spying largest security scandal in history exposed and has actually since lived in exile in Russia.

Snowden admits doing his words to some ears safe like “paranoid” sound a little, however stressed that this fortifying of the security from a technical perspective is so easy to execute that he might not think of that this is in the future likewise is attempted.

“Initially it will be limited by the authorization of the consumers in war zones, but surveillance innovation tends to follow all of us the way home,” warns Snowden.

Previous NSA employee dedicated his post the brand-new book “The Assassination Complex” by Jeremy Scahill and the editors of the intercept.

The book is based on the so-called “Drone Papers”, which were leaked in October 2015 and the internal structure of the US drone operations in Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan enth llten- consisting of the technique to mark suspicious targets for the shooting with drones.

The United States political system is attempting a long-term justification to deploy the military device of the country, so Snowden on.

According to Snowden is the greatest worry of United States leadership to be perceived in existing conversations as weak. The revelations of whistleblowers were thereby end up being a crucial act of political resistance.

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